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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware


Did a short test in lower light conditions with the new firmware.

Compared with my hero6.


- The panning issue is still there, when you start panning, the image jumps for about two or three times, the rest of the panning is pretty smooth.

- The hypersmooth stabilisation in lower light looks better, but not perfect ( image is better then the hero6 black)


Compared to the hero 6 black in lower light with FW1.61: the hero 7 is much much sharper and the color is way better. The panning on the 6 is better but still the hero 7 produces a much better image if you forget the jumps.

Overall, the hero 7 is a better camera then the 6.


But: for both camera's ( hero 6 and 7) I suggest to use the karma grip in lower light ( electronic stabilisation is then turned off), this gives the best results then


For the next FW upgrade I already posted and send my concerns and remarks.

Hope they will do something with it


Happy with the 7


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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Thanks @foggybeach8632,


We appreciate it. 




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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware


Maybe it was intentional, but you didn't write anything that we can see.  Just FYI.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Connectivity: Desktop app just crashes without warning. Mobile app often takes two or three goes to see the camera.


I take you point about the desktop app. I use premiere as standard. However, I would find it useful if the mobile app would work better as I like to use the telemetary.


To your final comment, that's why abobe do not build cameras.


Happy shooting :-)

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Lol right. Man it’s sad to hear you all have few problems with the camera or the fw. Well I just updated to 1.61 and now I do get a 100% battery charge as where before the update I didn’t. Now that was pretty much the only concern I had, to the point of almost taking it back to the store for exchange, but now I’m a happy goproer.
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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

[ Edited ]

I suspect they "fixed" the battery percentage not reaching 100% issue, by simply lowering the voltage at which

it reports 100%.   In other words, it now reports 100% when the battery is really at 96% or above and then scales down from there. 

I had noticed this myself because before the update my battery was reporting abot 98%, did the update (which takes

a while and should burn some more juice), and immediatley after the update it reported battery at 100%.    (was not plugged in)


The slow panning definitely is better.

They fixed the red line running down the middle of the image in 2.7K@30fps Superview with stabilization off (a mode used by FPV race/freestyle drone pilots).   

Connectivity is about the same (usually issues here revolve around my phone not prioritizing the GoPro wifi over

any other local Wifi network, so it tends to work better in the field, and poor or not at all at home). 

Still can't see battey life remaining while recording.

Still can use any voice commands from playback mode.




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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Slightly off-topic. But, an update for the android app came through yesterday. 1st impressions are that it is more stable than before (improved conectivity). So that's good news.


Happy mobile editing!  ;-)


PS Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where of how the app stores freshly downloaded video? cant find it unless i save it as an edit or something from the app.