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European camera working in USA

I bought a gopro 8 from U.S.A. and I am wondering whether i am going to have any issues using it in Europe.
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Re: European camera working in USA


I do not see a single reason for this.


if you will film at artificial light just move the Antiflicker to the local power frequency - 50Hz - 60Hz.

wifi bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz and standard all over the world.


just me,




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Re: European camera working in USA

Thank you for the answer.

Mostly i am worried about the charging and the warranty

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Re: European camera working in USA

a Unervisal charger port is 110-220VAC.


The GoPrp cable and camera accepts 110-220vac is  accepts 5.0vdc via the Port, the battery is  how many volds 3.8VDC?  

Want to talk about +24vdc, -48vdc let me know?


FOr the warranty. well the reciept is U.S.A. gopro requires bills of sales that  Dictate your Warranty. and that said, 1 year  North AMerica, Overseas 2 year warranty. if you got   questions about it, do ask a gopro Rep  get a confirmed answer if you wil lget covered or not.  Otherwise you will  either be trouble free or out a camera, we know that?