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Epically upset SD Card is empty :/

I just went on a 7 day cruise w my family and when I got home all my footage is gone. SD card says no media on gopro and computer. SD recovery can’t find anything expect old footage. I’m am so upset right now. And yes the SD Card is an approved card purchased from Bestbuy. Also GoPro 7 keep freezing and I need to remove battery to reset. This is my 7 gopro and looks like my last. Once in a lifetime experience and I’m crying right now because this is the most upsetting thing ever.
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Re: Epically upset SD Card is empty :/

Hello @snowintheoc. Sorry to hear about what happened? We'd like to gather more information so we can help better. Was it the first time you used the camera?  Have you been able  to update it to the latest firmware prior to bringing it with you on th ecruise? Which SD card are you using? The brand, capacity and classification will be helpful. We hope to hear back from you. Thanks!

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Re: Epically upset SD Card is empty :/

Isn't that a terrible feeling? Par for the couse for GoPros these days. I know the feeling. Gopro HERO7 Balck fails to record constantly for no good reason.

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Re: Epically upset SD Card is empty :/

Hello @bwx232


If you continue to get errors after trying the suggested steps, please reach out to our Support Team.

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Re: Epically upset SD Card is empty :/

I am sorry to hear this and All we can do now is talk about it.The ship has metal dectectors, and hope the card was safe enough  which they are to pass each time.  Firmware is not the issue. Before you do anything, like said  the card we can talk about if we knew more about, and you said you  used a recovered program to see older files, that leads to either a camera failure and or card issue.  when you are settled down and calm  maybe the mods can help further.  Priceless memories I have had a 1Tb drive lost most my cruise clips, and lucky  a recovery program got back 50% of them of an older drive I used. then nothing. again sorry to hear and hope gopro can do good?