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Enter water in my gopro 5

I bought a gopro 5 to my travel in porto de galinhas(brazil), but, in my first travel enter water in my gopro and stop function.
My travel goes down, unfortunately!!!
I take some pictures and videos, but stop working out of the blue.
What I have to do to change the product, because the product (gopro 5) it is impermeable?
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Re: Enter water in my gopro 5

Sorry to hear about what happened to the camera, @redstar2262. If you contact our Support team here , they will be able to help you with the next steps.  When you get in touch with the team, please make sure that you have camera information ready, as well as sample pictures/clips showing the issue so you can get assisted as quickly as possible. Best regards!

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Re: Enter water in my gopro 5

Hi, I m Santiago from Uruguay.

I ve got my gopro 5 in NY a few moth ago... But it was last week when i tryed my gopro in to the sea. Instantly I detect water inside de lens protector, then i runned out the water. 

Later I taked off the lens protector and i detected the problem. One of the screw dosent work, I ve tried to thigten it but it turn on it self as crazy... Did you undestand me?


I need a new lens protector, because this one came failed.

I trry everyday to chat with the support people but always sais me that chat is not available for me...





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Re: Enter water in my gopro 5


Hi @santiagod56077


To clarify, do you have the HERO5 Black or the HERO5 Session?


Our Support Team should be able to help you on this.

Please reach out to them during their hours of operation listed here.






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Re: Enter water in my gopro 5

Hi! My camera is a gopro hero 5 BLACK !




Thanks for your comment.