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Enregistrements incomplet

Quelque soit le mode d'enregistrement sélectionné, les enregistrements s'arrêtent tout seul.
Rien est paramétré pour que cela se fasse et il reste de l'espace sur la carte mémoire qui a été livré par gopro.
Pour du 1080 l'enregistrement s'arrête au bout de 34 minutes, pour du 2,7K ça s'arrête au bout de 40 minjtes. Quand j'appel le support ils me disent de regarder le mode d'emploi... Ce qui ne m'aide pas du tout !
Help me please !!!

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Re: Enregistrements incomplet

This is odd, @vitaldusk1316. Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your camera. Which firmware version is your camera on? 


Have you been able to record for longer times before? Is this a recent happening? Do you get any error message when the recording stops? Could it be associated with temperature as described here


If not, we recommend doing a manual firmware update following the steps under Manual Update in this article.  Make sure that the camera battery is fully charged and that the SD card is formatted. This means you have to save all SD card contents first prior to the format. After the update, do a factory reset


Try recording again after the update and reset. Let us know how it works out. Thanks!



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Re: Enregistrements incomplet



Thi is the last firmware version.

Since more manupilations, the record time is better but not maximum.

I change in OFF the light, GPS and sound.

I don't know if i have an errore message whene he go to stop.

The temperature is very hot when the camera record.

I already reset camera.



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Re: Enregistrements incomplet

Hi @vitaldusk1316


What SD card are you using?

How was the last update done?

We recommended re-flashing the software. See


To help isolate the issue, remove the battery then plug the camera directly to a power source.

Do a test recording and see if the same is observed.