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Endless connection problems with HERO5 Session, iPhone, and iPad

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I’ve spent hours trying to resolve loss of connection with my HERO5 Session, and have never been able to get it to connect consistently. Before returning it, I thought I’d see if someone here has solved the problems I’m having. I’m beginning to think that the HERO5 Session is not capable of connecting to both an iPhone and an iPad. This is a problem, as viewing and editing video and photos is far easier on the iPad, but connecting to the iPhone is absolutely necessary to actually use the **bleep** thing. Am I just expecting something that GoPro can’t support? 


Just to be explicit, I got the camera connected to my iPhone and made some videos and photos. Then I decided to view them on my iPad. Once I did that, the iPhone would no longer connect. After the iPhone connection failed, then the ipad also failed. Failed how? Well, everything from no camera detected, to restart the camera, to re-connect in Settings, to password incorrect. I’ve had each of these numerous times. I found the document about troubleshooting, and three times I have reset the camera’s connections, deleted the wi-if and Bluetooth configuration, and started over, but each time, when I connect a second time (sometimes even with the same device), the connection fails. 


This level of frustration is not sustainable. But maybe its designed to be incapable of doing this. GoPro certainly has made some questionable design decisions that appear to make it impossible for me to connect to the camera at the same time as my network, which I find very odd. Since there seems to be a depth of experience here, maybe someone can show me a path around this frustrating situation.

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Re: Endless connection problems with HERO5 Session, iPhone, and iPad

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Gopro hero 5 Session.  Apple Iphone 6, apple Mini works fine for me.  I can demo it but  idid this like a thousand times.    you have some options.  To call Apple  and call gopro you can replace the gopro hero 5 session if its faulty,   I am sure you can have both the apple products on at the same time you can have I believe 50 or more  devices t o view..  Maybe some one who came across with thesame issue  Being new it can be real frustrating that I know ,  once you figure it out it becomes the Norm.

  do not give up call gopro for support they'll talk you thorugh heck I call apple to. they are very helpful even can go t othe store apple store they'll take thet ime to set you up, have you ever thought  of that ?