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Editing Issues

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I use my GoPro for my scuba diving trips. I typically only take videos when I see something interesting. Which means that I probably take about 20 videos ranging from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.


What I am looking to do is combine the video's into one file, then I am looking to "cut" or "split" the video and take out the boring sections to turn it into a 3 to 5 minute video to share with family and friends. I am not looking to add music or anything fancy, just want a video.


My problem is I cannot find a way to do this - without purchasing $100 dollar yearly software. Is there an app or something that I can use that will let me combine my 20 videos into one and then let me cut out the sections that I do not want?


This is what I am currently working with.

  • GoPro Hero 8
  • Chromebook Computer (which limits the apps that work)
  • Hoping not to have to purchase anything since I'm not looking to really create anything fancy. Also, I am really against having a giant watermark on my video. I was able to get Wevideo to work, but without paying they put a watermark, which I feel really takes away from the footage.
  • I figured out that I can edit the video in Youtube Editor, and remove the sections that I do not want. However, I cannot combine all my footage. Is there something that will combine my footage? Then I should be able to put this in Youtube editor.
  • I do have access to a friends Windows computer and anothers Macbook. I would prefer not to have to use my friends stuff everytime I want to edit a video, but if it's something quick - I can.

Thanks for any help!


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Re: Editing Issues

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I don't know of any online editors, but a very good professional editor that you can download and use for free is DaVinci Resolve. You'll need to watch a few YouTube videos to learn how to use it, but once you do, it becomes very easy to use and you'll be able to get great results.
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Re: Editing Issues

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GoPro quick is a basic starters pkg.


Windows Winmoviemaker

Mac Imovie


Freeware resolve, filmora, 


If youtube is where you load, they even have a free editor there.


I personally use  Powerdirector to do things faster, and Magix 2020 premimium to get the best quality render  all comes with a small cost no annual fees, only if you want to purchase PD360.


We all have prefrences and   they are out there.

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Re: Editing Issues

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Unfortunitly, I cannot get that to load with a chromebook.