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Editing GoPro Hero 8 Videos

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Hey all together,


I recently got my Hero 8 but unfortunately I have no videoeditor that can handle the material. I film in H.264/HEVC. I tried my Premiere Elements 13 and a test version of Premiere Pro 2020. Elements only loaded the sound and Pro didnt accept it at all. Do you know if Final Cut Pro X accept it? Or any other video editor that can handle it? 

Or am I maybe just doing something wrong out here?Smiley Embarassed


Kind regards and hope someone can help me!


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Re: Editing GoPro Hero 8 Videos

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hi Nico,


my laptop is entirely "controlled' by my organization... so I cannot use it ...

I used Adobe package in the past...


I do have an iPhone....and I use a charm...not fancy things - crop, speed, add sound, title, basic enhancements...

this is all I need.

imported on my iPhone using GoPro app (connecting to GoPro camera through Wifi hotspot)

exported to Photos.

from there opened in iMovie.

once made the project uploaded directly to Youtube....\


or using Quick GoPro instead of iMovie.


keep it simple.....


just me,


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Re: Editing GoPro Hero 8 Videos

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Hi Robert,

thank you for your fast reply. When I got my MacBook back I will try iMovie for sure! Unfortunately I tried Quick by GoPro and it stops rendering at around 80%...


Kind regards,