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ENDLESS BUGS please fix cam freezed touch not work, connection dont works, complete fail

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hey friends,

i cant login with my icloud anymore and sending new passwort also resultless

please fix
connecting ios phone> to ur wlan >and gopro cam with the phone (via blutooth) > simultaneous

because its realy bad that internet woulnd work anymore and no one has endless 4g data volumen

accept change camera settings via livestreaming
and saving the used streaming link and key

the camera get complete freezed, restart 100 times byself, the touchpad dont react anymore
... so endless problems thanks for nothing go pro...

durabell shell with a useless core!

there are almost MANY problems!
if you press ok to connect the cam with phone,>the phone is connected with the cam> you cant get acces the cloud and ur internet things, > and arent be able to control the cam via phone

if u press cancel connecting the phone to camera,> u are able to use the cloud and the internet, > but you are not anymore able to control the cam because its connected with internet not with cam,


the app / and cam coding is just still junk

please fix everything!

so thanks for reply,BUT!

go away with stupid forums bro!, they never helps and never be usefull for everything last 40 years,

there are just stupid peoples, with stupider answers than ur question before .... and donkeys they advise you how u clean ur bud worster like before.

no iphone photos allowed as attachment also suck


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Re: ENDLESS BUGS please fix cam freezed touch not work, connection dont works, complete fail

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Hi @squidpickle


When you get a chance, please reach out to GoPro customer support at so we can help you with your concerns.