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Re: Dusting off Hero 3+ Black issues

Ugh, I have just had the worst luck with hthis GoPro hero 3+ . Managed to get a large battery for it, got it working at home with the wifi/ssid broadcast... went to a local mountain to snowboard. Fired up the gopro, turned on the app... no ssid broadcast..... fought for it to work my entire trip, never got it functional.


Tried one more time again today, went to a mountain, fired up the gopro, then the phone app, found the ssid, connected and  this time it worked, but only for a few minutes, then it lost wifi connection, and continued to loose wifi connection over and over and over till the battery was drained and dead.


When it would connect, the app would try to preview but it would be blank, then you had to reconnect, then it would sometimes work or try disconnecting again, turn wifi off on again and try again. So frustrating now. 

I did try gopro customer service and they suggested I redo the firmware/wifi which I did, 3 times, then to try on another phone (not like I have another phone lying around to try) but a friend tried and he had the same experience.

Then of course the question about purchase, where, when which was all provided when I registered it years back on gopro's website, but the rep claimed they don't have access to it, someone should help them out and let them have that access. :)

Regardless it's old, never worked right out of the box and time passed so it's a dud, but said there may be another firmware update but no eta..

Even now as I sit here in warm area, I have this gopro recording with my iOS gopro app on and after around 2 minutes, my phone lost the wifi connection from the camera and the wifi blue light is off. Pressing the wifi button again and reconnecting seemed to work ok this time, but why does it just continue to disconnect? I won't ever get an answer as I'm going to just bite the bullet and get a hero 8 black now and hopefully this time around, it won't loose wifi :)


They did offer me a discount towards another camera which was helpful since I had so much hassle with this one. So hopefully now going forward the new gopro will actually connect to the app and mabye I'll get a bit better battery life as well.

Just wanted to again say thanks to everyone who helped me out with trying to get this old hero 3+ on it's feet!

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Re: Dusting off Hero 3+ Black issues

Had a similar issue last week with wifi connection on a replaced iPhone X when I went snowboarding last week. Didn't get it fixed till I got home. Basically had to do a full reset. Now my 3+ Black is a totall y different issue and I can npt find mention of it anywhere. Though symptoms are close to others, one major difference is mine work with external usb power. Posting the whole question to a new thread.