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Does GoPro require a computer

I was wondering if I would require a computer to use a GoPro or can I just use my phone and store all the clips there
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Re: Does GoPro require a computer

You most certainly can use just your phone and not a computer. You might want to get a Quik Key to make the transfers faster. Also, once your media is transferred to your phone, you need to manually move the files to your phone's SD card if you have one that isn't integrated into your phone's main storage. Otherwise, you might run out of space pretty quick.
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Re: Does GoPro require a computer

you  are limited or restricted to certain smartphone due to resolutions  some may not support  higher resolutions, as well as higher fps?  GoPro   created theor camera's  for today to be more Mobile then ever  I say we are still in the HD1080P World and 4K is not yet 100% advanced.   Yes you can  be Mobile, on the go, w/o the touching of any computer.  Your phone today is that computer