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Does GPS Not Work With The Super Suit Housing?

Does the GPS not work if the camera is inside the Super Suit?


I just came back from a dive trip. I took a number of still photos with my GoPro 7 Black while it was in the Super Suit but on the surface (not under water). Not one of them has GPS data. All of the photos I took with my iPhone are geotagged.


This is out in the open ocean. No buildings or other obstructions. Clear sky. Should be dead easy to aquire a GPS signal; even inside a plastic housing..


Is there any way to check to see if you have aquired a GPS signal while the camera is in the Super Suit?

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Re: Does GPS Not Work With The Super Suit Housing?

Well, I'm going to answer my own question here. I did some quick and dirty tests this morning and the results were not promising. 


First, take a look at the attached screenshot of my iPhone. It shows GPS satellite connections in front of my house where I did the tests. I live in a low-rise residential area. No tall buildings or other obstructions. Clear view of the sky. The iPhone has excellent connections with at least four satellites. Should be an easy connection for any decent GPS device.


First I tried connection while the GoPro was in the Super Suit housing. I used the GoPro app to see if there was a satellite connection. It could connect while in the housing, but it took many, many minutes. The shorterst time was five minutes. 


It wasn't much better without the housing. It always took a minute or two to connect.


It simply shouldn't take this long for modern GPS hardware to acquire satellites. See: GPS Almanac


The bottom line is that if you pick up your GoPro and snap a photo and expect it to have GPS data, you will be sorely disappointed. In order to have geolocated media you are going to have to first wait the many minutes it takes for the GoPro to connect to the GPS satellites.


Finally, please note that yesterday I formatted my SD card and did a manual update to the latest firmware release.


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