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Do you not have an owner's manual for a Hero4 Session?????

I've got one of your Hero4 Session cameras and cannot get it to connect to ,y phone after downloading the app to my phone(Samsung Galaxy A20). I got a new SD card for it but can't seem to get it to format and when I turn the camera on to try to do anything with it, it seems as though it is trying to record and won't let me into the menu settings on the camera to attempt to pair it or anything else and when i can get it to try to pair my phone gives me a wifi/data error message when if it connects bluetooth. When I search your site it only shows for your current Hero8 model, which is really dumb that you can't find information for your products on your website!! it powers up, it charges, it seems like it wants to work but can't connect to my phone or computer! Did I make a mistake purchasing your product that doesn't seem to wangt to work w/o a bunch of headache and can't seem to find info or support from your website. What to do??? Thank You 


P.S. This is really annoying to have to do BTW!! Because when I try to now submit my problem it won't let me w/o a "Label" but when I type in Hero4 Session it gives me another error saying it's not correct when that is what is clearly printed on the side of the device!! GoPro you really need to get this figured out, my first experience with one of your products has not been a good one and I was wanting to purchase a couple more cameras depending on how this one works and so far I'm not impressed with the headache of just trying to get started to begin with!!   HERO4 SESSION!!   HERO4 SESSION!!

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Re: Do you not have an owner's manual for a Hero4 Session?????

official sites product page under woners manual Hero session and hero 4 session renamed.

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Re: Do you not have an owner's manual for a Hero4 Session?????

@activedawn2278, sorry to hear you're having trouble with your GoPro. Product Manuals are available for download here:

Make sure that you use the MODE button at the back to power the camera on. When the camera is off and QuikCapture is enabled, the camera will immediately begin capturing video or Time Lapse photos just by pressing the top Shutter/Select button.

Additionally, to consistently achieve the best results with your GoPro camera, it is important to select microSD cards that are known to work well with the model you have. Check out this list for further reference.