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Do settings go back to default.

I'm playing around with the setting with Protune on. Setting ISO to 400, setting EV to -1. Seems to work OK in low light, with minimal stabilazation jitters. I'm using 1080p 60 L. If I was to turn Protune OFF, will my ISO setting revert back to 100,or does it remain to where i set it at 400 while in Protune. I have no way of knowing because when I go back to Protune on, I see that my ISO setting is at 400 when I set it. I'm hoping that when I turn Protune OFF, the ISO reverts back to 100 that I use outdoors. 



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Re: Do settings go back to default.

Hello @quickpike81864,

When Protune is turned OFF, the camera will automatically set the video settings depending on the environmental and lighting conditions. If you're filming outdoor with minimal lighting, most likely the ISO will be on mid-range. There's currently no way to tell which ISO will automatically be set when recording with Protune turned OFF.

Enabling Protune is beneficial if you want to have more control over the camera's video settings for filming. You can also refer to this article for more information about Protune.

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