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Display screen and videos are flickering...

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Hi, I purchased my GoPro Hero7 Black and it arrived today. The display screen is flickering subtly and is also showing up in all of my test videos. I have updated it as required, turned it off and on, and changed the video settings... I'm quite sad about it as I was saving up for this for a while and the quality of video, in my opinion, does not match the quality displayed on your website or on other private users on youtube.

I'm hoping I am at fault and it is something I'm doing wrong that can be fixed. Could you please suggest some options to stop the flickering display screen and to increase the visual quality of the videos/removing the flickering from the videos too?
Kind Regards, Harry.

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Re: Display screen and videos are flickering...

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Region PAL or NTSC,  protune/WhiteBalance and setting. two areas of interest, along with the shutter and  low light.