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Display Mod

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Understanding there is a manual for this: and not released.   the info we need is not here, do I get a prize a Hero 8 black   Lol.  Is this not a lcd screen . Winner winner. or  are people going to guess its a touch-display screen. , did I miss something? ,  why I asked.  And how many hours is the Internal battery , what is the capacity the Mah of it. as well the capacity of the LED  only thing not noted.

I am sure people were wanting just a display screen when now they gots to buy the Media mod, so  the bonus question is will there be a Bundle kit. and why  since sept 2019 noted on the Terms and conditions the plus pkg excludes the 3.5mm  mic adapter but no mentioning of the Media, display and led if  allowed?


  • is the media, display and led excluded from the Plus  program at 4.19 trial, and 5.00  original pricing
  • the   run time of the lcd display  and if    settings of battery conservation
  • is it a touch-display or non  touch screen
  • will a bundle kit be a future  sale 
  • the mah capacity of the led
  • the mah capacity of the display mod

see below the webs   product page



Display ModHERO8 Black
Frame the shot with Display Mod, the flip-up screen that lets you see yourself in action. Compact and perfect for vloggers, it connects to your HERO8 Black via Media Mod.1
  • 2-inch flip-up screen makes vlogging easy
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and micro-HDMI connector
  • Folding design for easy storage and transport
  • Compact and sturdy with a low-profile appearance
  • Connects to HERO8 Black via the required Media Mod1

1Media Mod required, sold separately.
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Re: Display Mod

Looking at the photos for the display and media mods it isn't going to be a touch screen.


The media mod has twosockets on the back - the top one looks like a mini hdmi and the lower one a usb C socket.  


On the photos the Display mod onlly has one cable connected into the upper (HDMI) sicket.  As far as I understand a touch screen would need a cable going into the USB socket to give the feedback - at least every touch screen I've seen so far uses another connection apart from HDMI feed back the touch screen data.


I also doubt that there will be any features that are usually found on video field monitors.  Focus peaking would be useless as you can't change the focus however zebra stripes, false colours, histograms etc could be useful.


Of course it's possible that Gopro have thrown standards to the wind and implemented their own version of HDMI with touch screen data being passed back. 



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Re: Display Mod

Yep and a few moderators  came on passed this by and yet t ocomment so no one will know  the answer till Purchased.

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Re: Display Mod

If you look at the details for the Light Mod it says "Light Mod attaches to HERO8 Black via Media Mod (sold separately)" then lists


  • Built tough and waterproof to 33ft (10m)

Does this mean that the media mod (with it's 3 uncovered ports andshotgun microphone) will be waterproof to 33ft (10m) and therefore the camera (without the side door covering the usb port et al) be water proof to 33ft>


Will the Display then also be waterproof down to 33ft (10m)?


Answers to those questions - I can probably say that without a doubt the answers will be "NO"



Yeah - you attach one item that is waterproof to 33ft to another item waterproof to 33ft with a third ite that makes one of the first two items NOT waterproof down to 33ft.  That's planning GoPro.


OK, so will they be providing a frame with the Light Mod so that it can be mounted onto a gopro hero 8 without the Media mod for when you go diving or swimming?  Nah.  They might, however, sell you one for £40 later on. (theres probably one on alexpress though, for £10)


I wonder if 3rd party HDMI USB C dongles will work with the Hero 8 ?

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Re: Display Mod

Keyword for me was "Stand Alone"    


Here is the  info:

Light ModHERO8 Black
Add compact yet powerful LED lighting to your next adventure. With Light Mod, you can illuminate your subject with wide, smooth, even light and capture ultra crisp footage. Light Mod attaches to HERO8 Black via Media Mod (sold separately), or works as a handy standalone light for use with GoPro mounts.
  • 4 levels of brightness—up to 200 lumens—for crisp detail
  • Built tough and waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of runtime1
  • Compact design is perfect as an add-on to your HERO8 Black, or as a standalone light for use with GoPro mounts
  • Connects to HERO8 Black via Media Mod (sold separately)
  • Maximum brightness for up to 30 seconds with Overdrive mode
  • Strobe mode for signaling and visibility
  • Light Specifications:
    Overdrive mode: 200 lumens, 200 lux @1m
    Level 3: 125 lumens, 120 lux @1m
    Level 2: 60 lumens
    Level 1: 20 lumens
    Runtime: 1 hour at Level 3, 2 hours at Level 2, 6 hours at Level 11
    Color temperature without diffuser: 5700K
    CRI: 90

1Battery life may vary based on usage and other external conditions.


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Re: Display Mod

thinking about this - it's possible that the display could be semi smart and translate the coordinates into a code that could be communicated over CEC on the HDMI. It wouldn't be standard but Gopro isn't above hacking about with standards for.their own goals.