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Dis satisfied customer case no 04531229

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 Good day


I was convinced by my 2 sons to buy a go pro hero 4 session. It was considerably more expensive than the other brands BUT I was convinced because of back up service and quality. Check I am very impressed with the product BUT my son was using it and it fell onto the back cover so the cover came off and the switch is missing. He contacted go pro support case no 04531229 and they are not prepared to help us WITHOUT PROOF OF PAYMENT I HAVE THE BOX IT CAME IN. HAVE I MADE A MISTAKE IN PURCHASING A GOPRO PRODUCT. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT THEY CANNOT HELP ME. I really enjoy using the product but if I can’t be helped  I will send the unit back and gopro can refund me my money.


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Colin Roller

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Re: Dis satisfied customer case no 04531229

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Sorry to hear about the damage to your camera. This is a member to member support community, so there isn't anything we can do as far as replacements or refunds.

Per the warranty agreement, your camera is not covered for replacement/repair for accidental damage. It sounds like GoPro was willing to work with you regardless, which is very generous. However, it does make sense that they would want to verify proof of purchase.

Did you pay cash? If so, it is your responsibility to hold onto the receipt. Usually I've found the best way to do this is to keep it in the box the product came in. If you used a credit/debit card or check you should be able to get a copy of your transaction. If you can't provide proof of purchase, how are they going to refund you? You sending them the camera in no way obligates GoPro into giving you money for it. Best of luck, but it seems the appropriate action for you to take is to find your proof of purchase.