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Difficult access to technical assistance and seems to have no repair parts

Hello .. Good night. I bought a Gopro hero + camera in August 2016. In those 2 years I did not have any problems with the camera, however, today I noticed a slight crack in the base of the camera's waterproof case. I know my product is no longer under the 12 month (1 year) warranty, but I would like access to an authorized Gopro service so that I have a budget and then pay for the concert from my camera. I already searched the internet, but in my state there is no technical assistance from Gopro. Another point would be the fact that many people report this watertight problem cracking over time in the same place where mine cracked. There are several reports on the internet about people who contacted the company, after 12 months of the legal guarantee, so their products are no longer guaranteed, but they want to have the right to repair their product and pay for the service. consumer defense, the company that sells such a product, has to assign spare parts for 5 years from the date of launch of the product, provided that the owner of the product has the note proving the purchase.

These are 2 points that I want clarification from the company. We did not pay cheap. We already pay dearly to have a quality product. In short, I want the company itself to tell me a way for me to be able to repair my camera, the cost of repair being borne by me. If in case you really can not have the repair of my product due to not having repair parts, I want to exercise the right that I have to receive another product or the amount paid at the time of purchase back. Right now, thank you and I look forward immensely for an answer.

PS: I attached the complaint to an account I saw on Gopro's website about a customer who has a problem that is the same as mine, and was later answered in English that the company does not have the part to replace the one that is damaged! I currently live in Brazil.
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Re: Difficult access to technical assistance and seems to have no repair parts


Hi @snowydive78666


GoPro does not have authorized repair centers.

If you reach out to our Support Team they'll be happy to look into what happened with your camera and explore other options for you.

You can contact them by phone or chat. through