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Difference in quality between viewing on Gopro and Desktop

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I have a Hero5 Black. The videos I have recorded and view on the Gopro look amazing and very clear. However when I download these and watch on Windows Media, Quik Pro, Windows Movie Maker , it comes out a bit blurry and not that clear.


I have had the Go Por for over a year. No issues in the past. I have reinstalled the update and not changed any settings. 


The files I download to my Desktop are MP4 and Wav from the Gopro. I have tried a file converted to see if that would do anything but same results. 


Note- Photos are fine when downloading to Desktop and viewing. They are clear. There is something with the video that happens when transferring the file to view on desktop. Is it a setting? 


Any thoughts on troubleshooting?



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Re: Difference in quality between viewing on Gopro and Desktop

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Hi @brownyishere,


Please provide the exact settings of the video. 

If you can upload the raw file on any cloud storage we can check that for you. 


Also have you tried manually importing them to your PC using SD card adapter?