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Desktop application

I have my GoPro Hero7 Black switched on and connected to my PC via usb but the PC does not see it

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Re: Desktop application

Posts: 12,771

Re: Desktop application

A better way to transfer media is with a USB/SD adapter.

For updates, performing a manual update usually works best.
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Re: Desktop application

hi @twoduffus,


as @danielr15 said, I do not use the Quik for desktop.


I transfer the files copy/paste with FileExplorer on PC or (IOS) GoPro app on iPhone

- copy what is important on PC or iPhone

- edit with Shotcut (excellent free editor on windows) or iMovie  (i found it very handy and I'm able to upload on Youtube at 4K)

- the result uploaded on Cloud, Youtube

- when I'm sure everything I need from the card is saved, I format the card (using camera Reset menu usually - from time to time on PC)

- I never delete particular files on SD card, as GoPro is not good in managing holes on card space. 


I made the updates manually, always and only.

I have on IOS GoPro app also the gauges (are not present in Android), so I do not miss the gauges either.


if you do not have IOS mobile, the only thing that might keep you on Quick are the gauges.


just me,