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Desktop APP Feature Request WIFI transfer capability



  I was honestly surprised when i found out you are able to transfer files wireless to your phone via App but chose not to include that same simple feature in a desktop App. 


  In older models users found a way to access the camera manually via Wireless through web browser IP input.  I tried it and was not able to access the camera using that method.


  I know i can use my phone/Cloud or USB cable even but adding Desktop wireless connectivity would really be nice.  One less wire running around.

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Re: Desktop APP Feature Request WIFI transfer capability

The Quik desktop app started once for me, and then never started again -- well, it started, it just never got brought to front or allowed its window to get activated. But it sure was in the taskbar, so we can consider it a programming error. That'll probably not get fixed anytime soon, looking at the rush they're in to fix the issues that have come up with the Hero 6. Ergo, we probably won't see the fantastic programmers at GoPro ever fulfilling your wish. I uninstalled that garbage called Quik, moved files through an SD-card reader, and edited in Adobe Premiere Elements. Their IT-department sucks. Can't even test a Hero 6 camera properly and makes an application that won't start more than once on the Windows 10 some of their codecs require.

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Re: Desktop APP Feature Request WIFI transfer capability

I also had major problems with the app before i updated manually.  make sure you have the latest version,  I installed the app before the hero 6 was released for my hero 5.   I assumed updates were automatic but i had to do it manually just to get the hero 6 media to be recognized and 4k 60 fps media not recognized at all by the desktop app still.