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Defective gopro bought on ebay

Purchased on eBay last Christmas. Seller claims they won it an an auction. Have had nothing but problems. Never purchased the protection pack/warranty and am not able to contact seller on eBay they're no longer on there. PayPal won't help since it's past the 90 days. Help. Will gopro Replace? They claim it w as brand new. Came in box. It will freeze up frequently and have to pull battery. Has done this since purchasing it. Has only gotten worse though now it will stop recording in the middle of a video for no reason.

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Re: Defective gopro bought on ebay

trygetting your transaction from paypal that is your receipt . then contact gopro. and see what htey can do.


options may be they will trade up your camera 100.00 or 40% for a new one as a good faith move. or replace the cam. but I feel since it was second hand and the transaction may not be good enough as it has to be a  date of purchase and store bought online  distrubiter.


 good luck

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Re: Defective gopro bought on ebay

Huge bummer. I'm really sorry to hear your story. The Trade Up program ended awhile back. I think you need the original purchase receipt for the 1 year warranty. I don't think the eBay receipt will work. You should reach out to the Support Team regardless. They might be able to offer you something.