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Defective Camera - Customer Service Issue

I previously purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black with a lot of excitement as I’m a travel photographer, and was looking forward to the versatility and variety of unique shots the camera would add to my current setup.  However, quickly after purchase, the camera began experiencing major freezing issues where I regularly had to disengage the battery before I could take a photo or video.  The entire time I had the camera, I was only able to create five videos, as it was impossible to operate without consistent freezing issues.  The camera then stopped taking any photos or videos at all, with its functionality limited to turning on and freezing immediately thereafter.


I reached out to customer service a number of times and followed their instruction to manually update the firmware, while doing this several times on my own as well.  I tried using different computers, different new and approved SD cards, but nothing fixed the issue.  Customer service deemed the item defective and unrepairable and offered a 40% discount for a new GoPro, provided I send them my broken camera.


While the offer was nice, it would require me to spend another hundred dollars on a new camera.  I had already spent a few hundred on the model I was only able to use 5 times before it malfunctioned, and would now have the additional cost of purchasing a new one.  Nevertheless, I sent in my camera, and upon receipt, called the sales team to order the new Hero 6 model, as they advised.


Upon calling to make the order, I was told I couldn’t use this 40% off on the new $399 price point of the Hero 6.  According to the sales team, it would have to be taken from the original price.  This wasn’t mentioned to me prior to sending them my camera, nor are/were any exclusions listed online indicating additional discounts couldn’t be used (the GoPro Hero 6/Karma drone has a specific exclusion listed, but the Hero 6 does not).  This was incredibly frustrating, as my 40% discount was suddenly reduced without any explanation.


In addition to spending hundreds of dollars on a camera I was only able to use 5 times, I spent hundreds more on accessories (batteries, chargers, LCD’s, housings, etc.) that wouldn’t be transferrable to the Hero 6 model.  I have reached out to GoPro numerous times via chat, phone, feedback form, and any email address I could find (which oddly doesn’t exist on the site), but each method has been less than helpful.


Is there anyone to whom I can reach out to help resolve this issue?  I have already spent a considerable amount of money on products I was barely able to use, and now can’t understand why the original discount that was offered suddenly can’t be used.  My ask is for GoPro to take accountability for their defective product and discounts offered, put their consumers first as they're the ones who breathe life into the brand, and to take consideration for a photographer who has already spent several hundred dollars in support of GoPro products (not including the accessories I bought that will transfer over to the Hero 6).  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Defective Camera - Customer Service Issue

This is a customer service issue, not a fourm issue. We can't help you. They won't respond here.