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Days After Receiving The Hero7 Silver Through The Trade-Up Program They Switch It To The Hero7 Black

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This sucks. I had the Hero4 Black - which had a ton of video options and I actually quite liked - but I wanted to upgrade and get the Hero7 and the Karma Grip Stabilizer. Big mistake on my part. First of all, the Karma Grip Stabilizeer isn't compatible with the Hero7 Silver - only the Hero7 Black. That doesn't make any sense since GoPro is touting the Hero7 Black as the "gimbal killer". Why not make it compatible with models that actually might need the extra stabilization? Then, on top of that, as soon as I get the Hero7 Silver - which has practically no customizable video settings and is all but worthless - sent to me via the TradeUp Program, they switch it to the Hero7 Black. Now if I wanted to get the Hero7 Black via the TradeUp program I'd actually end up spending $520.23 out of pocket. I feel like a sucker. Buy beware, I guess. This is a really poor customer experience, guys. I know I’m only one person so you probably don’t give a **bleep** - but it’s doubtful I’ll ever buy your product again and I’ll likely talk **bleep**] about this company to whomever will listen.