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Re: Davinci Resolve 15 - Hero 7 Black

1. Well OP asked about DaVinci Resolve.  I answered the question OP asked.

2. 4k Def demands more than 2.7k or 1080.  I use an Intel i7 but it is not required to be an i7.  I3/5 "could" work but the extra cores/threads are beneficial in an i7 or an i9.  For AMD, I had a single person post their CPU (Ryzen 7 2700x.) and it worked for them.

3. Some of us don't use 240fps raw files.  This was about an issue with the software, not related to how many FPS. 


This isn't about a pissing contest about which editor to use.  OP specifically asked about Resolve.




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Re: Davinci Resolve 15 - Hero 7 Black

Just to throw this in, if your computer is struggling, using proxies is the best solution. For many resolutions/frame rates the camera makes this easy with LRV files.
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Re: Davinci Resolve 15 - Hero 7 Black

@enc3ladus wrote:



easy way:


1. Install Handbrake (free)

2. Convert orginal file using "same as source" settings

3. Import to DaVinci


PS: Buy Sony Vegas - always works

PS2: If I am not wrong - HEVC for WIN is paid :(

It is $0.99 for HEVC. Bought it and it kinda worked, but handbrake just works everytime. It does take longer, but for reliability and added control, I will take that.