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Date/time stamp on Hero 7 black

It still baffles me that GoPro has still not implemented the user-optional date/time stamp feature that just about every knockoff offers. Why is this such a problem to incorporate this useful feature? I have owned the Hero 4 Black when I first made this suggestion to GoPro Reps in 2015 and repeatedly when the Hero's 6 and 7 were released, with no success. It is very obvious that this suggestion has been ignored.I have used technically inferior knockoffs as a result because of the lack of this feature. Very disappointed with GoPro.

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Re: Date/time stamp on Hero 7 black

How on earth is this STILL an outstanding feature is beyond me!


The simplest solution would be to name the files with the date_created timestamp, and thus no additional metadata would be needed!


If Samsung can do this with their phones, why can't GoPro do the same?


so frustrated with this!!!!

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Re: Date/time stamp on Hero 7 black


This has been shared to the team but we do not have information yet.

Please continue checking our website for updates.


Software Update Release Information




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Re: Date/time stamp on Hero 7 black

Found a solution: I eventually had to resort to removing the SD card from the Hero7, then using Robocopy ( to manually copy the files onto my laptop.


A PITA, but at least this way the original date_created is kept intact.


Seriously, GoPro, why couldn't you just use the datetime of the media as filenames, at least that would be useful.