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Re: Date Stamp on pictures / videos (Hero 5 User)

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Awesome. Thanks for the follow up and detailed response! I'm sure there will be plenty who will benefit from the time you took to write this up.
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Re: Date Stamp on pictures / videos (Hero 5 User)

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Little addition to the solution :

In DaVinci resolve you have the option to see all videos frames, as a default this is switched  off. The location of the menu to do it is a bit hard to desceibe :).


1- In DaVinci resolve with your project loaded - go to the 'edit' tab.

2 - top centre of the page is the 'edit page viewer', where the clip is shown.

3 - In the top right of this section you will see 3 dots, this is the 'option menu' for the viewer, click it to open.

4- tick the 'show all video frames' option


I have added a screen clip, hope it helps


There is a descriptor in the manual, currently on (October 2019) Chapter 6, 'Prioritizing Audio or Video
Playback in the Edit Page' on page 199

resolve snip.png