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Data Recovery?

I posted this question on the SanDisk forum, and hoping someone here might also be able to help.

BAsically, I took some video, but then they just dissapeared.  I am running a recovery software but wondering, if the software does retrieve all these files, how to I put them all toegther again?  I attached a screenshot.


Can you revover files that were taken with a GoPro (Hero 5 session)?  I'm using a program called EaseUS Data Roecovery and it seems to be finding a lot of data but the extensions are ".CHK" <-- lots of these files, ".THM", ".LRV", ".MP4". Anyone with tips on how to actually view these files?  It apears that I have over 11GB of files here but I don't want to pay to get a peice of software that will just recover a bunch of broken files that don't amount to anything useable.


Thanks for any help!

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Re: Data Recovery?


I bought the GoPro Session 5 from Amazon as well as the SanDisk card that corrupted my footage.  I've emailed SanDisk and Amazon, and even though Amazon was really quick in saying just send it back for a refund (which is nice considering I've used it and don't have any packaging), I'd like to see if anyone has any tips/software advice etc on repairing the files, or at least seeing what it is.


As you can see by the screen shot, I've got a lot of files that are "recoverable" but I'm not sure how GoPro files are written to disk.  I only used it for 2 days and have about 8 or 9 videos, but there is a ton of files there which I can only imagine are fragments or parts of videos that would need to be repaired some how to make them "whole" again.


Any tips?  This is obviously common issue, so hoping a guru can help!