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Dash footage problem

I mounted my GoPro Hero 7 on top of my car’s dash. I wanted to take a video of the road/scenery while I drove up a mountain. Whenever I turned my wheel, the GoPro would follow. For example, if I turned my steering wheel to the left, then the GoPro’s footage would shift to the left. It’s hard to explain.... I want the footage to stay still and film straight. I used the sticky mount that came with the GoPro.

Is there anything I can change in the settings that can fix this?
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Re: Dash footage problem

You can try mounting your camera in a different location.  

You can also try turning off the stabiliztion. What is happening is that when your car turns a corner, through a combination of body roll and gforce generated the GoPro is trying to keep the image level, that's why it appear the image is moving with your wheel turning.  You could also try driving slower.