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Customer Support Issue, GoPro 7 issue and Replacement Issue...TOO MANY!!!

I am writing this public complain about my current frustration for the multiple problems found in the process of buying a GoPro from

I bought a GoPro 7 Black from you on the 16/09/2019 after my previous one had a water leak. Out of warranty, I could not complain and I was thankful to GoPro for a 14 days discount offer of 25% to purchase a new GoPro 7. The first disappointment, the offer expired just a few days before GoPro dropped the price $100 and I did not get informed that GoPro 8 was going to be launched on the 01/10/2019. This tells that there is no real care for the customer.

After getting the new GoPro, I could not test it properly until the beginning of November to notice then that the GoPro was getting frozen during use. So, on the 10th of November I contacted GoPro reporting the problem and the support technician blamed the SD Card and asked to keep trying the GoPro on 1080 30fps even when I was recording using a SD Card recommended for the use of the GoPro 7 (I never had an issue before with the GoPro 5).

At this point I would like to point out the new GoPro was tested at home, couple of times here and there but it was under real use when the GoPro did not work. So I cannot claim the 30 day return GoPro policy, probably a sort period in the case of a faulty item that is not so easy to test and took time and effort to diagnose with the support team help.

At the end, the problem did not get resolved so the support team offered to replace the camera and here we get to the next problem: I do not understand why a refund could not be done and I would be more than happy to purchase the GoPro 8 after it. Instead of that and after reading how the support team blamed the system for not having that option, I have sent the faulty GoPro on my own expense to get a replacement.

Now I am facing the last disappointment: I am not getting a replacement because the Sydney warehouse is out of stock. Interesting fact is that before it took 2/3 days to purchase and receive a new GoPro from Singapore: online system is unbelievable.

So here I am, the 30th of October my faulty camera arrived to the GoPro premises, I do not have a confirmed time to get my replacement and my next trip is on the 18th of December without knowing if I will have my GoPro replacement on time.

Why I should be using again to purchase a GoPro? The process is painful, I am wasting a lot of time and I am not getting things resolve.

Could someone at GoPro really help or that is it, the customer is done and stuck if the item is faulty and left alone with no support.

I hope to get an answer and the most important thing, RESOLVE A CUSTOMER ISSUE.