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Create smaller file sizes

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My GoPro 8 is set to Standard mode. 1080 / 60 / Wide. It's the default setting.


It produces file sizes of 3.7 GB for every 11 minutes.


These file sizes are a bit too large for my needs. Especially when trying to upload to YouTube.


What is the best/easiest way to lower the file size without losing too much noticable quality.


Either by adjusting the camera settings, or in post after the video is taken.


Thank you.

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Re: Create smaller file sizes

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You are the first to want even smaller files ... everyone else demands the largest possible files;). Maybe you can use the "Clip" function. This creates 30-60second clips - ideal for sharing ... Otherwise you can only edit the files with an editing program.

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Re: Create smaller file sizes

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Chose a different camera if the resolution and file size does not  work for you.


Make sure your Bitrate is on standard, or low, and you drop the res to the lowest and fps, then that is the file size you can work with.  Youtube will accept the 4gb file size they will accept 16gb of file or more,  so what else is new?

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Re: Create smaller file sizes

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Yes we need smaller file size. The setting 1080P is too much than another Gopro's (5,6,7)