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Re: Cracked my Go Pro Hero 5 Black touch screen

What a heart breaking day!

As far as the integrity of waterproofing, yes, it will be lost if you attempt a repair. There is an internal gasket that should be ok, but the adhesive glue that is used, along with the water sealing on the screws, will be compromised.

I completely understand your hesitance in trusting any 3rd party housings (I had a latch and door come clean off while surfing with a 3rd party housing), for snorkeling you should be fine. For added assurance, get some duct tape and cover the door enclosure.

When it comes to diving, it really depends on your depth and the water pressure. 10-30 meters should be fine in a 3rd party housing and a little duct tape, but I wouldn't take it deeper unless you have the Super Suit.
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Re: Cracked my Go Pro Hero 5 Black touch screen

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this is what I do.  the touch screen is damaged and cracked.   getting a screen film protector   if cut correctly  leaving a little less over the edging, and taking nail polish will  temporarly  allow you to continue to use the camera in the water. as well the touch screen.   the  nail polish will  lock the  film and prevent water from getting under the  protector.  the film  already has glue and adhesive  and will add additional protection.


 Window tint they use nail polish to prevent the  film from lifting and, you be set.


Another option is Amazon Prime next day a refurb Hero 5 for 159.00 , sell your    camera to collect the funds  and will cost less then the reapair of  the screen.


 those are my thoughts  about this,




you can take a peice of film , nail polish  to something   and test out, if uncertain.