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Couple questions about my hero7 black

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Anyone have an issue with the hero 7 black splitting a video into multiple files? Sometime sit doe sit sometimes it keeps it all in one file. Gets quite annoying trying to stitch video from two cameras together and sync them when there's 3 files from each camera for one race.
Also anyone else have an issue with the GPS data glitching? I race dirt track and every video I've done the GPS data glitches out at some point and says I'm either going zero miles an hour or well above wat it actually is... Like 200+ miles an hour. The g force data and lap timing functions also quit at the same time. Is it a camera issue or maybe just my editing software? I use race render 3 for simple editing
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Re: Couple questions about my hero7 black

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Hi @litheboost162


Check out GoPro Camera File Chaptering Information

Do you happen to have a GoPro Subscription?

If you wish to have the chapters in a single file, you can have the files uploaded to the cloud via auto-upload.



Regarding the GPS issue, What version is the camera on?

Do you usually record via Quikcapture?

When doing a recording it is best to turn the camera on from the Mode button first instead of doing it via Quikcapture.


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Couple questions about my hero7 black

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Thanks for the reply. I'd rather not have the videos split into chapters at all if possible. Makes it a pain to stitch them back together and sync the files between two cameras for the same race. I will have to get back to u on the version the camera is on but I just leave both the hero 7 and session 4 turned on and connected to a gopro smart remote I have withen reach while I'm in the car and start recording that way.