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Control multiple cameras separately from app?

I know you can control multiple cameras at the same time but i need to control them separately.  Think of a basketball game with a camera on each basket.  I want to record the action in front of one basket at a time and switch between them easily from the app.  I have just one camera now and don't want to buy another until i know i can do this.  I've searched web and cannot find info on this so i'm thinking you cannot but hoping because Hero8 is new perhaps info is just not available yet. 

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Re: Control multiple cameras separately from app?

You can easily control multiple camera's using the GoPro app, in fact, the only way you can control multiple camera's is "one at a time" via the GoPro app.  The problem is that to switch between camera's takes about 20 seconds or more, plus the range will be pretty limited so I'm not sure you'd get from one end of a basketball court to the other, even if you were dead center of the court.


So frankly by the time you switched to the "other basket" the shot you wanted to record could be come and gone.


You'd be better off controlling both camera's at once with a smart remote, starting and stopping both when the action is happening and then editing the footage later on in a video editing suite.  


However if you're trying to control multiple camera's and switch between them at the press of a button with an instant change, you're out of luck, this just isn't possible with any GoPro camera.