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Contacting support for warranty claim

Had my Hero 7 less than 12 months and 2 months ago it keeps freezing and unless I dislodge the battery and insert it again the GoPro doesn’t respond. This is an issue underwater- it’s very frustrating
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Re: Contacting support for warranty claim

@nonikname - Sorry you're having these issues. There are a couple of quick things to check that will likely help with your issues. 


First, let's make sure that the firmware on your GoPro is fully up to date and installed completely. The best way to do that is to do a manual update on the camera. Instructions on how to do that are at


Also, freezing can sometimes be linked to the SD card you're using. If you have another card that on our list of recommended cards at, please try that card and see if the issues continue.


More info on these steps can be found at If the issues continue after going through these steps, our team at can do additional troubleshooting with you.