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Concerned New Gopro6 user

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G'day all you Gopro'ers,


This is going to be long winded, so grab a drink and sit down....


So, I decided to upgrade my beloved and ever so faithful Gopro 3 that I have had since new (around 2013) to and brand new 2018 Gopro6. Every day was like christmas eve waiting postie to arrive, until it finally came in the mail, falling short of hugging him, I ran inside to play with my new $600 pruchase (as it stands I've had it for 2 weeks).


I unboxed it with the upmost of care, charged it, paired it to my phone (Samsung S8), automaticaly installed the latest firmware v02.01, set up Quik on my 2017 MBP and set out to capture the world on my new camera.


And thats where it started to fall apart. I am a musician, and I record all my gigs video (gopro footage) and audio (Logic Pro x on MBP) then  mix them together and use them for YouTube and other social media interfaces. My first ever experience; I started recording at the start of the show and about 1 1/2hrs in I notice it was not recording and there was an icon of a bandaid on the front LCD of the gopro6. Unaware of what this meant I tried to get the gopro6 to start recording again, I pressed a few buttons (infact all the buttons I could press) and it would not start recording again. 20mins later I tried the same process again (pressing as many buttons that I could find on the gopro6 and it once again started recording again, however, not for long. At this stage I have to include that I had the Gopro6 plugged into an external power supply with a generic USB to USB-C cable. The power supplys details are:


Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz, 300mA

Output: 5.0V 2.1A (For USB x 4)

Off Load <0.5W


Using the process of elimination I unplugged the power supply to the Gopro6 and it recorded fine, infact it did not stop until I pressed the off/shutter button. This left me feeling quite annoyed and concerned that my gopro6 is not what i thought it would be.


The setting I used on the camera were: 2.7K / 60 FPS / FOV Superview. GPS enabled and Stabilisation ON. I also had wifi connected to my phone (Samsung S8) using the phone to control the Gopro6 remotely. I was using a Samsung EVO Plus 128GB micro SD SDHC SDXC Class10 Memory Card TF (not knowing about the incapaibility with any other card except Sandisk Extreme / Extreme PRO).


I have since purchased a 64GB Sandisk Extreme V30 and have had the same trouble whilst plugged into the power supply. I have just done a test recording with the settings 1080 / 60 FPS / WIDE, GPS OFF, Stabilisation ON and wifi ON (but not connected to my phone) using the sandisk extreme and the above power supply and USB to USB-C cable supplied with my Gopro6 and achieved a recording from start (me pressing the record button) to finish (me pressing the record button) of 1H 20M. However when I pressed the record button to stop the recording the whole Gopro6 kind of shut down (no 3 x beep to indicate the recoding had stopped, screen went blank ect) then it powered back on and when I checked the file it was all there and seemed ok (at this stage). The Gopro6 was warm but I would expect that from 1H 20M of continueous recording at the mentioned settings. I have also tried to use a 12V DC to 5V 3A USB charger in my car with the same results as my first experience ( mentioned above) however once unplugged from the car power it seemed to work fine.


My questions are:


1) what do I need to do to have 100% trust in that it will continue to record for hours on end 3 - 4hrs max (providing the enviroment is suitable, no direct sunlight, Gopro6 is vented etc)


2) Do I need to purchase the genuine Gopro Supercharger at A$79, just so I can use external power to ensure that it wont go flat?


3) Is there a longer better or genuine / official USB to USB-C cable I can purchase? If so, where from?


3) Will there be an update to fix these issues in the future?


Im really dissapointed in my Gopro6 and would hate to return it, however if it is unreliable then it is no use to me what so ever.


Hoping someone can help me out


Thanks in advance




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Re: Concerned New Gopro6 user

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if i'm doing a long video running off an external power source I normally remove the internal battery. I've found sometimes it runs off the external source, other times it just uses it to charge the internal battery (which then disconnects once fully charged, so turns off once the battery is then flat)

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Re: Concerned New Gopro6 user

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Thanks for the reply, mine turns its self off when using external power with the battery still installed...