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Concatenate Max .360 files?

Got my Max yesterday, and I'm enjoying it so far.


If I record for longer than about 8 mins, it creates multiple .360 files (presumably to avoid the old 4G file size limit on some filesystems).


Is there a way I can stitch them together again for editing?  (I'm on a Mac)


I can export them from the GoPro Player as equirectangular, load them into Final Cut and edit them there, but I was hoping for simple stuff just to use the editor built into the player.


I thought I might be able to do it with ffmpeg, using something like:


ffmpeg -i GS010010.360 -i GS020010.360 -c copy -strict unofficial combined.mp4


but some of the streams in the .360 file are not supported.


Any recommendations, GUI or command-line, welcomed!