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Cold Weather, Battery Life or Camera issue? Hero7 Black

To whom it may concern... I have a Hero7 Black, just over a year old now. 3 GoPro Batteries year old(me using it), and then 4 Wasabi Power Batteries. I use my camera daily and replace batteries as they need to be when I'm working. I climb cell towers and use the camera in all weather conditions. Yesterday, Nov. 13th, 2019 I noticed or experienced a short life span on a 100% charged battery numerous times. My first tower of the day I was able to get 45 minutes out of the battery (normal day I get 1H 3 Mins now). Replaced the battery, hit record, 3 minutes later camera shuts off. Now 3% life. Replaced battery again, 100% life, record, 4 minutes, camera dies, 3%. On Monday, Nov. 11, I was climbing in a snowstorm and replaced the battery once on my first tower. I tried to keep the opening away from any fluids or snowflakes, but who knows if somehow water got inside while I was swapping the battery out. So maybe... my camera is shorting the batteries out? Not too sure as of now. I didn't even bother charging my batteries last night to try it today..

Thank you for your time! Curious if anyone else is noticing a similar issue.
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Re: Cold Weather, Battery Life or Camera issue? Hero7 Black

Hi @joroedde


Please refer to How to Improve Battery Performance in Cold Weather

To help isolate the issue, you may also run a test for Short Record Times

Let us know how it goes.