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Cloud upload not working when externally powered.

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Hi guys.


My GoPro Hero 7 black is in a rig where it's powered externally via the GoPro external mic dongle, with an external mic.


There is a bug where the external audio is muted when the camera is charging via the mic dongle (this is a separate issue).


So to have audio all the time, I've removed the internal battery.


Now I always have audio, but because the camera is never "charging", cloud upload is never triggered.

You can't hit "manual upload" either in the menu, it doesn't press.


So my question is:

How can I trigger cloud upload when it's being powered externally?

The "charging" condition is unecessary for cloud upload when the camera is powered from solid external power.

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Re: Cloud upload not working when externally powered.

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The cloud upload service gets initiated when the battery is fully charged and the camera is plugged into a wall charger. It does not work when plugged into a computer USB either, so it might be that the Pro Mic adapter regulates the power to a similar current as what you get when plugged into a computer USB. Try bypassing the Pro Mic adapter and just plugging directly into a wall charger (without a battery in the camera). If this doesn't work, then apparently a fully charged battery needs to be in the camera for the Cloud Upload to work (or at lest a battery needs to be in the camera to put the camera in a state available to initiate the Manual Upload).

To address your questions:
1) If the upload works with the battery removed and the camera externally charging without the Pro Mic Adapter plugged in, then his is your answer (even if it's not what you want to do).

2) This seems to be more of a statement than a question. If #1 is true, then you are correct. If #1 is not true, then this is incorrect and a fully charged battery DOES need to be in the camera for the Auto cloud Upload to initiate (or at least a battery in the camera to put the camera in a state that allows for the manual initiation of the cloud upload).

(page 62-63)

As far as the "bug" is concerned, the camera functions of recording (and apparently capturing audio) do not work while the camera battery is charging. Not necessarily a bug, but a lack of a feature you would like. You can leave feedback with feature request here