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Cheated by Hero 8

Does anyone else feel like the Hero 8 was a throw away model? Why take away things like the removable lens (which is an absolutely horrible idea) to only bring it back with the next model??? Why create all these media mods when they'll probably be obsolete after the 8? (While complaining, why the hell would you create that awful battery door that always pops off and is incredibly dfficult to replace?)


I know this is how these tech companies work (e.g., APPLE!!!)  but come on!!! I feel like I bought a product that was intentionally made inferior in order to come out with the seemingly much more advanced 9. 


They won't, but they should give 8 users a better trade-in discount (or incentives) than previously offered.

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Re: Cheated by Hero 8

Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I bought the Hero 8 1 month ago and feel extremely cheated. Really sad as I loved the company.