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Charger port door with rust not coming out

Hi, I noticed that my gopro 7 black (from Sep 2018) is getting white salt "rust" on the charging port door. This doesn't affect the operation of the camera FOR NOW, but I am pretty sure that in the near future it may cause trouble.

I am trying to speak with GoPro Support but not being able to get an answer. I am from Portugal.

Can you please help? This is a warranty issue I guess, that I would like to have solved asap.

Thank you!


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Re: Charger port door with rust not coming out

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Ten mucho cuidado que las go pro que no sirven para entrar en el agua yo tengo una go pro 7 black y el servicio técnico que ha dicho que no me daban garantía . Te comento entre a tomarme unas fotos d bajó del agua funcionó perfecto pero al día siguiente que lo iba a usar no funcionaba  para ver qué si me daban solución me han llamada esta mañana y me han comentado que tenía óxido los contactos a lo cual me dieron un número de teléfono y me puse en contacto con ellos y me comentaron que al tener óxido  no cubre la garantía solo una vez entre al agua y ya no sirve la reparación son 245 euros y la excusa que ponen es mal uso 

será que estas cámaras solo sirven para tomar fotos en tierra y no en agua? 

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Re: Charger port door with rust not coming out

I use my GoPro HERO7 Black 3-4 times a week in the ocean. I have no issues. I also used the HERO5 Black in the same manner and then the HERO6. The camera is waterproof and will continue to work fine as long as you care for it properly. YOU MUST RINSE THE CAMERA THOROUGHLY IN CLEAN FRESH WATER AFTER EVERY USE. I always rinse my camera immediately after getting out of the ocean. When I get home I soak it for about 20 minutes in clean fresh water and then rinse again. I then dry the camera with a lint free cloth and then allow to air dry completely. If you do this, you wont have issues.
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Re: Charger port door with rust not coming out

I have GoPros for 7 years now and of course I rinse them very well after using at sea. I am a pro kitesurfer and lots of my content relies on the gopro.

This one clearly has a flaw and I want to activate the warranty.

GoPro means quality to me, so I expect a good customer service on this.

Francisco Lufinha

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Re: Charger port door with rust not coming out

Hi @lufadad5568


Our Support Team should be able to assist you on this.

Please reach out to them by phone or chat through