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Cellular Data

Why would my GoPro App on my phone use 18 GB of cellular data in one day while downloading movies from my GoPro??? Is that supposed to happen?
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Re: Cellular Data

Hello @aamiva. The GoPro App is not supposed to use up data when importing media from the camera to your device. Could there be other applications in the phone that may have consumed such amount of data? 

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Re: Cellular Data

My phone specifically said the GoPro app used 18 GB
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Re: Cellular Data

There's two things that could cause this.  A:  Do you have a GoPro Plus account?  Your phone may have been autosyncing to the cloud storage if you have a GoPro Plus account.   B:  Did you share any video to youtube, instagram or facebook using your GoPro?  


I'm looking at my own App Info now for the GoPro app and it's saying that I have used 19.28/11.24GB of mobile data since March 29th.  .  Going into the details it's saying 19.28mb used in April and 4.07mb used in March.  So not sure what the 11.24GB refers to.