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Cant exit video capture

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Just got my new Hero 9 today and have recorded a couple 5K videos and each time I push the capture button to stop recording it’s almost like the camera is frozen. The screen shows the length of recorded video and the red light is flashing but I can’t do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Cant exit video capture

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@burntomaro, Unfortunately you are not alone, I took out my Hero 9 first time out after upgrading to latest firmware and in one hour of uses I had similar experience twice with 4k recording. I encountered other issue as well where I was trying to shutdown camera but the button was not working, had to manually take the battery out.
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Re: Cant exit video capture

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Hello, @burntomaro and @vivekas8. Is the issue with the button not working observed only after you updated to the latest firmware (v1.5)? Is the issue always observed? Does it matter whether the recording was initiated via QuikCapture? These details will help us isolate the issue. We hope to hear back from you. Thanks!