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Cannot work with HEVC

Hello, I have a fairly new machine (custom built) and I expect to meet the minimum requirements needed to work and play with 4k 60 FPS (vs just 30 fps). Here are my specs:


When I try using quik desktop app to download and edit the videos that I recorded in 4k 60 fps, I get the error message stating that my system in not capable of HEVC. I downloaded the video manually and tried playing it to no avail. I then downloaded the windows media player codec pack and finally got the video to play, however, had not effect on the software. I would think my system is capable of this codec. I also have other questions too... Please help?


  1. How can I get HEVC to work with my current system?
  2. Is there quality difference (at all) while recording 4k 30fps compared to 4k 60fps?
  3. Does the go pro hero 6 use h.265 codec when recording 4k 30fps or does it use h.264?
  4. If I record in 4k 60fps, then convert it.... does it lose quality (at all)?
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Re: Cannot work with HEVC

Hi @greenmesa03153,


Have you tried to playback that content in Quik for Desktop? If not I would go ahead and download the latest version of Quik.


Also check out this article: