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Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

I’m new to GoPro and having a terrible first day.


ive setup protune and most of the basic settings. I then proceeded to do a test of each film mode, and then on to the transferring to iPad Pro.


First i attempted to use GoPro’s Quik app, but quickly found that the transfer is slow and only transfers a converted lower res file. Wtf? I’m about to go on holiday and need to offload the originals to my iPad for storage and edit/sharing. Why would they force you to downscale?


Anyway, that solution would not meet my requirements, so i next used the Apple lightning to SD reader (newer USB3 version) and the Sandisk MicroSD to SD adaptor that came with my microSD card. Finally this seemed promising as the Photos app popped open to the import page revealing the original files.


HOWEVER... i was disappointed to see that the files filmed in HEVC (4k60 and 1080p240) will not import. All other files filmed (4k30, 1080p30, 1080p60, and 1080p120) imported perfect;y. It is only the HEVC versions.


My iPad Pro 12” (2nd gen) is 100% capable of importimg/viewing/playing HEVC files, as i have done with HEVC files from my iPhone and my other camera. So why are these GoPro files not able to import?

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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”


Hi @foggybeach18713


Here are some links that may come handy:

HEVC Explained

Supported Resolutions for Copy and Share in the GoPro App


To view/play HEVC files, the videos need to be downloaded to the device.


In addition to this, make sure that the camera, the app and the OS are all up to date.





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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I’ve already checked both of those links before posting.


The first link you mentioned supports my comment in that the iPad Pro 12inch running latest iOS should support viewing HEVC videos from GoPro provided you copy it to your device (which is exactly what I’m trying to do). It also mentions if you use the GoPro apps then the HEVC will be converted (which is what I’m trying to avoid).


Your second link only refers to iPhone models, not iPads. However my iPad Pro is much more powerful than the iPhone X, and this link explains the iPhone X supports the playback of HEVC once copied to the local device (again what I’m trying to do). Therefore my iPad Pro should fail within the “YES” category.


i have searched the web high and low, and have reached out to several sites for support. All have resulted in no reply or no solution. This is beyond frustrating that the video can’t be transferrred, making my GoPro absolutely useless.

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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

I have the same issue. Can’t figure it out.
But I haven’t bought an iPad Pro yet. But I want to buy one to edit 4K videos on the run instead of using a Mac/Pc.

I have found some YouTube users that show how to put GoPro 4K videos to the iPad Pro using Lightning to SD-Card reader, but I dont know if that is HEVC or H-264.

I want to film in 4K, put the files to Documents on the iPad pro and then edit them in LumaFusion. In 4K.

Please GoPro, can you answer us?
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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

Using the Apple Lightning SD adaptor I’m ok to import 4K24 and 4k30, but NOT 4k60
Because it is recorded in HEVC.

I’ve contact Apple but they say it’s GoPro fault due to the way they write the file. I’ve yet to get any feedback from GoPro.

NOTE: i have a long workaround that does work if in dire need...
1. download the free app Myk on iPad or iPhone.
2. Connect to your GoPro WiFi, and Myk will let you import the HEVC in low res or FULL res.
3. Choose full res and choose to save within the Myk library (if you choose photos it will give error).
4. After it imports, you can copy to Files app for iCloud Drive or Dropbox or whatever.
5. Then disconnect from GoPro WiFi, and connect to normal WiFi so that iCloud or Dropbox can sync to cloud for backup.
6. Then you can share the file into app of house for editing such as LumaFusion.

Easy.... right? :(

GoPro please help us!
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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

Ok, so it's just 4K60 that is HEVC?


You dont have to do the long workaround everytime? It's just if you are saving and editing 4K60fps HEVC?


You can for instance import 4K30fps or 1920×1080 (full hd) directly to documents and edit them in Lumafusion?


Thank you for answering my questions. I'm about to buy a iPad Pro 10.5 and I want to be sure it can handle this type of work.


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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

HEVC/H265 is used for 4k60, 2.7k120, and 1080p240. If you shoot anything in these then you’ll have to use my long method to import.

Everything else is standard H264, and can very easily just plug into Apple lightning sd adaptor and import into photos, where you can then edit in any app.

Note that i have tried LumaFusion yet, as if i can’t get the HEVC to import easily i may just stick with laptop editing since most of my footage will be in HEVC.
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Re: Cannot Import HEVC to iPad Pro 12”

Ok. Thank you.

But whitch app do you use to edit when using your long metod to import the HEVC files? iMovie? Is it good for editing? If not, which app do you recomend?