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Can't change username


I recently bought a GoPro 6,
I created an account on the GoPro website, started to pay my subscription, desired to change my automatically assigned username, and it told me that I could only change the username once. I have not yet received the opportunity to change the username once, so now I am stuck with a gray Pike, I don't even know what that is, nor do I want to know what a gray Pike is. I contacted support through the phone, and they told me they couldn't change it.

I really do not want to go through the steps of recreating a new account, but a subscription on there, creating a new email, cancel my old subscription, transferring my GoPro media, and doing all the crazy steps.

Is it at all possible that someone that has control over the website, can reset my username attempts on my account, so I can change it to something more personal, like my name.

I appreciate any assistance anyone could give to me at this time. Thank you.

With all my heart, might, mind, and strength,

Wade Pritchard
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Re: Can't change username


Hi @graypike33771,



Sorry for the inconvenience but we already raised this concern since we're receiving similar issue.

The suggested resolution for now is to recreate a new account and transfer subscription. 


I understand that it would be a hassle for you but rest assured, this has been raised to our team already.