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Can not get a refund, no support available

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I bought a hero 7 silver as a gift, not knowing the difference between the silver and black. Once I learned of my mistake within about 30 minutes of my order I called and tried to cancel the order, or just have them upgrade me to a black and charge me the extra money. I was told that they couldn't do that, I need to get a refund on the silver and order the black separately. Being my mistake, I went ahead and ordered the black right then. 


Per their webpage I denied delivery of the Silver and it was returned and signed for by their warehouse on 11/27/2018. Here it is 1/11/2019, and I still can't get any type of clear answer or a refund of my money on this product. I waited the 15 days for the refund and actually called in on a Thursday 16 days after the return to find out what the holdup was. I was told by the lady on the phone that my refund had been submitted and that I should see it that Friday or Monday. A week later I called back and got another lady on the phone who told me the same thing and I should see my refund any day now. 2 weeks later I called back, explained that I was lied to, and was told that they are "waiting on a response from the warehouse" I still have never gotten clarification on what that actually means. I've asked directly what exactly we are waiting on from the warehouse and I get a read from a paper statement. I've stayed on hold for over an hour and a half to talk to a supervisor that the person could never find. Was told that the supervisor would call me back, which never happened, but I did receive a vague email later that night that gave me no clarification into the matter and I could not reply to. After having called in now 5 times over a month I have always talked to a different person, gotten several different stories, cannot talk to any type of supervisor or talk to this "warehouse" that's supposed to be handling things, whatever that means. Every new person I talk to assures me that they are taking over my case from here on out, they will email me by end of day (never happens) and that this matter will be taken care of promptly. I will never buy GoPro again, DJI will get my business from here on out, and I'm considering RMA my 7 black, but I'm afraid I won't get my money back on that either. 

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Re: Can not get a refund, no support available

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Sorry to know that @chasen2187,


Please try to contact our customer support team again. 

They can check that for you.