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Can I use the GoPro3 for live streaming?

I am trying to set up a simple option for livestreaming my live performances using the video from my goPro3. Is there any good way to link through the app or by pluggin the camera in through a laptop?


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Re: Can I use the GoPro3 for live streaming?



The GoPro is not a webcam nor is it designed to be.


The only way for you to get a "live" feed from the camera would be to use a micro HDMI, composite or combo cable, hook that into a video capture device of some sort, and then hook that video capture device up to your laptop and then use something like OBS software to stream the video.


However what you would end up with is not so good sounding performance (as the microphones on the GoPro 3 just aren't that great) with a "live feed delay" of up to 2 seconds.  This could also lead to an audio sync problem (and most likely will)  So in all fairness, using the GP3 for this purpose is more work than it's worth and not suitable for your needs and requires the purchase of additional hardware and cables.


Instead, get a $40 webcam and a $40 condensor microphone and you'll have much better video and audio quality without the delay/sync issues.