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Can I set 1080p 120fps in "MAX" HERO mode?

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Can I set 1080p 120fps in "MAX" HERO mode?


The GoPro URL Million Dollar Crew at the URL below says they can do it.


  I shot in HERO mode using the Max SuperView digital lens at 1080p 120fps because I knew I'd want to slow that short free fall down as much as possible while also maintaining a very wide angle view to capture everything.


There is no 1080p 120fps item in HERO mode in "MAX" that I use. (The firmware version of the camera is "v1.40")


Is this article and what the GoPro Million Dollar Crew is saying a lie?


Or is there a problem with my camera?


please help me.





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Re: Can I set 1080p 120fps in "MAX" HERO mode?

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You honestly didn't know the camera specs before you purchased it?  


GoPro Max can only record in 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps in HERO mode.  It does not have 120fps.



You can find the user manual HERE

You can find the advertised features HERE

Pretty sure the box also says 2X Slo-mo (120fps would be 4X)


By Million Dollar Crew, this is not implying that the person is a part of GoPro. GoPro employees and family were not allowed to submit videos for the competition.  The article is an interview conducted by GoPro, but the responses are not coming from GoPro personnel, I don't think that there is any intentional "lying" going on, but rather that the person just misspoke.


Do you honestly think that there is an issue with your GoPro MAX, or were you just making more out of the article than was necessary and trying to have a little Gotcha moment?