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Can Freezing GoPro can damage itself?

Hi everyone!


I Have a Quick Question, does freezing Gopro can damage itself? or freezing gopro can burn something inside the gopro that can permanently damage the gopro?


i hope someone can answer this, Thank you!

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Re: Can Freezing GoPro can damage itself?


Can you elaborate on any issues you are having?

If you are experiencing freezing, be sure that you are using a recommended SD card and have run a manual update.

Also, many users have reported that turning Auto Low Light OFF and having the orientation set to either UP or DOWN resolves their issues.

If you do have a freeze, don't immediately pull the battery. Instead, press and hold the side Mode/Power button for about 10-12 seconds and then release. The camera should automatically reboot and repair/close the file it was creating at the time of the freeze.
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Re: Can Freezing GoPro can damage itself?

Yes the Firmware if it ever fails the camera  fails. only way to fix it  is to have gopro flas the actual Bios not the  adding of firmware like we all do.